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St. Catharines Wedding Photography {Adriana & Paul}

In my opinion, Paul and Adriana live a dangerous and adventurous life – If I had eloped my mother would have killed me! Weddings, after all, are 60% for your parents (80% of that for your mom). Well, that didn’t stop them, they eloped (in Italy, only slightly romantic right?) and lived to tell about…

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Toronto Wedding Photography {Elaine & David}

Wedding season is in full swing and here’s one to take note of – it was a real treat for me to be a part of it. Elaine and David met randomly in a Japanese restaurant (mmmmm) and (as David put it) he “said the right things to convince her to go out with him”….

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Toronto Wedding Photography {Garden Party}

There’s no denying it, a huge wedding bash is fun. But sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and forget the purpose of the big bash – to celebrate a marriage! When you strip it down to the bare bones, a small and simple wedding ceremony between two love-birds and their closest family and friends…

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Toronto Wedding Photography {Court & Chris}

We’ve had a fun winter this year. Lots of cold days. Lots of snowy days. Let’s take a break on this cold Saturday to remember what summer has in store for us soon enough: sunny, warm, fun days! That’s exactly what Courtney and Chris’s wedding was: a day filled with sun, warmth and fun! A…

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