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Bloor Street Entertains 2011 | Toronto Event Photography

I volunteer my time to charity events by photographing the night when ever the opportunity arrises, and this most recent event was really something special. Bloor Street Entertains is an amazing event hosted by CANFAR, the shops in Yorkville, and local 5-star restaurants to raise money for aids research. The shops in Yorkville open up…

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{i wouldn’t sleep a minute away} viva las vegas

They say “What ever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” But what if it’s a pretend Vegas that isn’t actually in Vegas? I think it’s OK then to share what went down. Picture this, pack 1500 legal professionals into the Kool Haus to watch 6 bands, made up of personnel from 6 Toronto law firms,…

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{i like the noise} it’s got texture

Client maintenance is part of business. Cocktail parties are part of client maintenance. Some shmoozing, some finger food, some drinks and an all around good time. Recently Halsall (where I work) held a casual cocktail party for their clients, and asked me to capture the event on digital film. The event, Urban Textures, was an…

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