Toronto Engagement Photography {Chelsea & Aaron}

What do you do when it’s raining the morning of your engagement session (not the fun type of rain – pouring rain – the type with huge raindrops that gets you soaked and miserable in about 3 seconds)? You could reschedule (but that’s not an option when the couple is leaving town until the wedding that afternoon), or you could seek shelter – under the highway.

So, Chelsea and Aaron met me at the Underpass Park one rainy Sunday morning for their engagement session. For me, engagement sessions are mainly about getting everyone comfortable with the camera (we’re not all part of the Kardashian clan and used to acting normal with a huge lens infront of our face), while getting a few nice photos of the couple in more day-to-day attire. This pair is without a doubt comfortable with each other and they did not have any issues showing it in front of the camera. It was a fun morning, and seeing these two together and excited for their upcoming wedding really brightened up the cloudy day.

Oakville Engagement Photography {Adriana & Paul}

You’ll remember Adriana & Paul from their wedding photos posted on the blog. Not too long ago we met for an “engagement” session. We typically do engagement sessions before weddings (I feel you on the internet are letting out a “Duh” right now), but that doesn’t always pan out. Especially when the couple (take a deep breath to get this sentence out) elopes in Italy and is only home from England for a short period of time to have their wedding celebration before moving to the Caribbean and living it up in all its splendour (exhale). Is it wrong to say these two get around? I was lucky they were able to fit in some time to play with me at the Old Oakville Marina. Goofing around through the whole session, these two are clearly best friends and they will thoroughly enjoy their time together – in whatever corner of the world they end up.

St. Catharines Wedding Photography {Adriana & Paul}

In my opinion, Paul and Adriana live a dangerous and adventurous life – If I had eloped my mother would have killed me! Weddings, after all, are 60% for your parents (80% of that for your mom). Well, that didn’t stop them, they eloped (in Italy, only slightly romantic right?) and lived to tell about it. They likely survived crucifixion because they were planning to have a wedding to celebrate with all their friends and family back home.

So, after a year of marital bliss and med school across the pond in England, Adriana and Paul had their wedding. It was a very simple backyard wedding, but that didn’t stop it from being an amazing celebration of their love and commitment (and that’s what weddings are all about, right?). The bond Adriana and Paul share with each other, their friends, and their family is inspiring. I felt I became a better person just being there!

They’re back across another pond while Paul finishes med school in Grenada (just a bit of a change from England). I wish them all the best with all the adventures to come!

Toronto Wedding Photography {Elaine & David}

Wedding season is in full swing and here’s one to take note of – it was a real treat for me to be a part of it.

Elaine and David met randomly in a Japanese restaurant (mmmmm) and (as David put it) he “said the right things to convince her to go out with him”. I met my husband at university (which I feel is cheating when it comes to meeting your partner… it’s harder in the real world), so I love hearing when people fall in love from random “I saw her across the room” moments. It’s great that it happens because there is definitely a lot of love between these two. I loved watching them together, in awe of each other, taking it all in. They focused on each other and their loved ones to fully enjoy their day.

Their wedding was a beautiful fusion of Eastern and Western tradition. First a church wedding at St. Michael’s Cathedral (honestly I didn’t know Toronto had churches like that! Amazing!), followed by a informal Tea Ceremony at the Rosewater Room. They have an exciting future ahead of them (based on the blessings from the tea ceremony they have a lot of children coming there way:P) and I wish them all the best!

Mugshots {Courtney Wood Pilates}

Way back when in university I took a few pilates classes. Although I don’t think I was any good, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and can honestly say I noticed an improvement in my  posture and maybe even a stronger core somewhere in there. I highly recommend pilates to anyone looking for a challenge (it’s way harder than it looks).

Courtney Wood is just the person to guide you through a pilates workout (as a nutritionist she can also give you some tips on smart eating… something we all need). She offers classes and personal sessions from beginners to advanced (she’s super sweet and wont make you feel like a fool as you awkwardly try to get into a pose for the first time – i.e. if you’re anything like me). We met one sunny morning at Wychwood Barns to take some photos for her new website.

Get up, stretch, be inspired and check her out at